Whirlpool of Depravity


Kyon -- Big Damn Hero

A Tvtropes website/Haruhi crossover. Kyon with a beam saber. Haruhi aware of her powers. An unsubtle harem plot. Did I mention the Higurashi crossover? Now say it with a straight face - I dare you.

In Media Res Prologue

Obligatory Anachronic Order Explanation Arc

Straightforward Flashback and Exposition Arc

Heroic Antics Begin Arc

Filler Arc

Heroic Antics Begin Arc

Filler Arc

Fanservice Arc

Gearing Up Arc

Initial Conflict Arc

Thwarted Lull Arc

Calm Before the Storm Arc

The Storm Begins Arc

The Open Battle Arc

The Laying Low Arc

The Resolution Arc

Alliances and Enemies Arc